At Tru Cabinetry, we’re crafting some of the finest American-made cabinetry in the semi-custom category. We are driven by small-town pride for our manufacturing community, and that’s evident in every component that comes off the line. Our customers can be assured that with our quality standards come stability, dependability, and support.


We use the most modern manufacturing processes to create consistency and flexibility in design and construction. These processes mean we’re capable of producing large quantities of cabinetry, but we balance that by staying true to the skills that made the woodworking trade great — quality joinery, hand-applied finishes, and one-of-a-kind pieces. We set our standards high, and we’re always refining our methods and operations. We recognize this need for continuous improvement and know that it’s the best way to serve our customers.

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Every Tru cabinet is made from the highest-quality materials and is constructed using the most advanced processes around. That means our cabinetry, which is stamped with the KCMA seal of approval, is made to last and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. So gather, relax, live. Tru Cabinetry is made for your life.